Giving Tuesday Live Virtual Comedy Night for Canadian Guide Dogs - Dec 1st!
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2020 has been a very challenging year due to COVID-19. Many of our fundraisers were cancelled, but we have been able to navigate to some new and exciting initiatives such as our Giving Tuesday Virtual Comedy Night. We hope you'll buy a ticket and "attend" the show live on Giving Tuesday, Tuesday, December 1, 2020 at 7:30pm.

Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind operates nationally from one location. Our National Training Centre is located in Manotick (Ottawa), Ontario. We operate solely through donations from individuals, businesses, corporations, and foundations.

So how will your ticket purchase help?

All of our employees work out of the National Training Centre, but service applicants and clients across Canada. We have a small office staff, and the majority of our employees work directly with our dogs, as Guide Dog Mobility Instructors, Puppy Raising Coordinators, and professional kennel staff.

Canine Development – Canine Development encompasses the operation of our own breeding program, producing dogs with the purpose of entering into guide dog training, as well as our fostering program, which we refer to as Puppy Walking. Puppy Walking volunteers are puppy raisers, who have a puppy in their home for 12-18 months. The intention is for the pup to be introduced to as many different situations and environments as possible, teaching socialization and obedience, ensuring they become a “good dog” before entering into formal guide dog training. Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind operates our Canine Development Department (Breeding & Puppy Walking) so that we may produce high quality guide dogs for our clients, at no charge to them.

Formal guide dog training - When the dog is ready for formal training it is moved to our National Training Centre, at which point a Guide Dog Mobility Instructor will take on the responsibility of training the dog to become a working guide dog. The dog is eventually matched with an applicant, after approximately 5-6 months of guide dog training.

Veterinary expenses – Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind pays for all veterinary expenses for our dogs from birth to graduation, which is one of the largest expenditures for our organization.

Application process – We interview and assess each client in their home community, anywhere in Canada. Expenses include all associated travel and accommodation expenses in the destination community for our Guide Dog Mobility Instructor. The in-person assessment is a necessity to properly evaluate the applicant and determine their specific need and requirements for orientation and mobility assistance through the use of a guide dog.

Transportation for client – Once a client is selected and matched with a guide dog, their transportation to and from our National Training Centre in Ottawa is arranged and paid for by the organization.

Training – The training course includes an 18-day residential training course for the client. The course and room and board are included, encompassing, but not limited to three meals per day, overnight accommodation, and transportation to local training destinations. The dog and all associated expenses leading up to graduation are paid for by the organization (our donors). A person who is blind or visually-impaired does not pay for any of our services.

Post-Class Aftercare – Upon graduation, the client returns home with their new guide dog. During the following week, a Guide Dog Mobility Instructor will travel to the client’s home community to follow up on the principles of training and apply them to the specific local routing in the client’s home area.

6-months Post Class Aftercare – Approximately six months after graduation, the client will receive an additional follow up visit and necessary assistance and resolution to any issues they might have with their guide dog.

18-months Post Class Aftercare – One year after the 6-months Post Class Aftercare, a Guide Dog Mobility Instructor will conduct a follow up visit and necessary assistance and resolution to any issues they might have with their dog.

Emergency Aftercare & ongoing contact – Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind has ongoing contact with our clients, by telephone, at a minimum of once annually. We also offer emergency aftercare, as necessary. We will attempt to resolve issues first with telephone consultation. However, if there is an issue which effects the health or welfare of the canine or becomes a safety issue for our client, an emergency trip and aftercare visit will occur.

Veterinary Cost Assistance Fund – Each client may apply to Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind annually for a nominal amount of reimbursement for routine veterinary expenses. Other veterinary expenses are the responsibility of the client. We encourage seeking veterinary discounts, using Canada Revenue Agency tax deductible programs, and researching pet insurance.

Dog Retirement – We work with each client individually to determine the best outcome for the person and dog upon the dog’s retirement. However, we will transport a dog from anywhere in the country, if necessary, to always ensure they find a suitable home upon retirement, should the client not be able to keep the retired dog.

***IMPORTANT*** - Please note that your contribution is the purchase of a virtual ticket.  The ticket purchase does not qualify for a tax receipt through Canada Revenue Agency.  This is a fundraiser and we are grateful for your support.  Should you wish to make a donation and receive a tax receipt you can do so at


This is a by-donation comedy show on Dec 1st to support all the causes you care about most. We donate a minimum of 80% of all money raised in our Community Comedy Shows, that % goes up as donations increase. The minimum donation to receive a ticket is $5, the recommended donation it $20 and the maximum is one billion dollars! (Anywhere in between that is totally acceptable) 

Your link to the live show will be sent to you 30 minutes before the show! Remember to provide your contact info when you donate so we can send you the link!!


Let's laugh and change the world together!

Very excited to share the Giving Tuesday Lineup!

Franqi French - Winner of Standup NBC 2019, and recently announced Variety's Top 10 Comics to Watch. Here's a clip of her that is pretty timely with the holidays coming up!

Daniel Simonsen - Has performed on a handful of the Late shows, including The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Daniel is from Norway and is a regular at the Comedy Cellar in New York City.

Chanel Ali - Is a regular on Comedy Central and TruTV. We have had her on past shows and she is perfect for nonprofit organizations (Her sets are cleaner than the ones highlighted). You can see her all over New York and you will start hearing her name a bunch in the upcoming years.

Judah Friedlander - From 30 Rock and has a Netflix special. Judah has been putting on a bunch of virtual shows and has really mastered the format. He's a super funny veteran and very funny!


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