2020 Giving Tuesday Live Comedy Show for Amazon Rainforest Conservancy
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Hi Folks,

I’m Jana Bell the founder and president of Amazon Rainforest Conservancy (ARC).

While it’s true that some natural regions around the world are getting a break from human activity during COVID, the opposite is true for the Amazon. Environmental groups on the ground (including ARC) are seeing a surge in deforestation activities since the onset of COVID 19.

I've witnessed this destruction first hand. I have seen vast areas of ancient primary rainforest devastated by illegal logging. I've visited illegal gold mining camps that have transformed pristine wilderness into mercury-polluted moonscapes. I’ve walked on the roads slicing through previously remote and inaccessible areas where indigenous people live in voluntary isolation. It was these startling experiences that propelled me to launch ARC in 2014.

So what can we do? We need to unite to defend the Amazon Rainforest at this critical time. ARC is currently raising funds to purchase the title of a 22,000-acre piece of pristine rainforest. This land is a haven for endangered wildlife and a buffer zone for indigenous groups living in voluntary isolation.

But we need your help to make this happen. ARC has $115,000 in reserve toward this land purchase — we’re almost half way there. We need to raise the final $130,000 needed or this land will be sold to a logging company and effectively destroyed. 

Remember, in North America, we’re all volunteers working from our homes. We don’t have the executive salaries or overhead of some other conservation groups. This means every dollar you donate to this comedy event goes entirely toward saving the Amazon rainforest from destruction. 

Let’s have a laugh and save the Amazon Rainforest together! 



***IMPORTANT*** - Please note that your contribution is the purchase of a virtual ticket.  The ticket purchase does not qualify for a tax receipt through the Canada Revenue Agency.  This is a fundraiser and we are grateful for your support.  Should you wish to make a donation and receive a tax receipt you can do so at www.amazonrainforestconservany.com

This is a by-donation comedy show on Dec 1st to support all the causes you care about most. We donate a minimum of 80% of all money raised in our Community Comedy Shows, that % goes up as donations increase. The minimum donation to receive a ticket is $5, the recommended donation it $20 and the maximum is one billion dollars! (Anywhere in between that is totally acceptable) 

Your link to the live show will be sent to you 30 minutes before the show! Remember to provide your contact info when you donate so we can send you the link!!


Let's laugh and change the world together!

Very excited to share the Giving Tuesday Lineup!

Franqi French - Winner of Standup NBC 2019, and recently announced Variety's Top 10 Comics to Watch. Here's a clip of her that is pretty timely with the holidays coming up!

Daniel Simonson - Has performed on a handful of the Late shows, including The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Daniel is from Norway and is a regular at the Comedy Cellar in New York City.

Chanel Ali - Is a regular on Comedy Central and TruTV. We have had her on past shows and she is perfect for nonprofit organizations (Her sets are cleaner than the ones highlighted). You can see her all over New York and you will start hearing her name a bunch in the upcoming years.

Judah Friedlander - From 30 Rock and has a Netflix special. Judah has been putting on a bunch of virtual shows and has really mastered the format. He's a super funny veteran and very funny!


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