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The Healthy Tomorrow Foundation exists to inspire and empower all Nova Scotians to achieve wellness through active and healthy living.

We are committed to developing and delivering products that enhance the well-being of all Nova Scotians.

Kids first

Our marquee program, Kids Run Club, is a free, inclusive, school-based recreational running program designed to give children and youth an opportunity to embrace active, healthy living, regardless of fitness level or ability to pay. Now in its 17th year, Kids Run Club has impacted the lives of more 16,000 kids across Nova Scotia each year.

Our kids need our help

The goal of Kids Run Club is to give children and youth a chance to see how good they feel being active and to develop healthy habits for life. The best part about Kids Run Club is it can be adapted for kids of all ages, abilities, and circumstances. We pride ourselves on offering an inclusive, no-cost program to all children in all regions in Nova Scotia, in English and French.

Our adaptability and non-competitive focus help build confidence in children of all backgrounds and fitness levels, and helps each individual achieve their desired goals. This club teaches participants about proper technique and pacing, and how to balance the challenge of running with taking breaks so that all experience success and, of course, have fun!

 Movement and physical activity are natural and important parts of young people’s health but have become less common over the years with the introduction of technology. Simply put, kids move less and sit more. Our solution is simple: get kids moving. We accomplish this through running, playing games, belonging, storytelling, education, and a whole lot of fun. Each unique kid gets to feel included in sport and community, while developing foundational skills and habits for an active life.

Little runners, BIG impact—Why running?

Running, a simple, low-cost, and equipment-free activity, has the potential to not only improve physical health outcomes, but mental health as well. Regular physical activity is associated with improved academic outcomes, self-esteem, stress management and overall well-being in children and youth.

More than 70% of Kids Run Club participants say they try to eat healthier foods after joining. And almost 50% said that one or more of their family members also started running as a result of them participating in Kids Run Club.

Reaching more Nova Scotians

Recently, we’ve expanded our focus to reach even more Nova Scotians. Make Your Move  encourages Nova Scotians to move more and sit less, ultimately contributing to a cultural shift in which movement is regularly incorporated into Nova Scotians’ daily lives.

Recent research shows that we no longer need high-impact, long bouts of intense exercise to achieve wellness. In fact, incorporating movement into your daily routine is shown to have a greater impact on creating a culture of movement and achieving sustained wellness.

Through Make Your Move, we’re appropriating the concept of “exercise”, redefining it and owning it.

It no longer means something “other” that you have to acquire skills for or go to do – it is now immediately and powerfully accessible to everybody.

The best piece of exercise equipment ever invented, is YOU!

Why we exist

Nova Scotia's doctors created the Healthy Tomorrow Foundation in 2018 with the aim of creating a healthier and happier future for our province. Nova Scotia is one of the oldest and sickest populations in Canada. We are a beautiful province and beautiful people, but we struggle to achieve a culture of wellness that will transcend future generations of Nova Scotians.

Achieving a vision of a healthy and happy province requires all sectors – business, non-profit, government and private to prioritize wellness and do their part to contribute to a culture of health and happiness for our province.

Doctors Nova Scotia is committed to advocating for a healthy tomorrow by addressing population health through effective health policy and supporting physicians in practise as they support diverse patient populations. Doctors Nova Scotia has a long history of advocating for improved health outcomes for Nova Scotians. In addition to serving its physician membership, Doctors Nova Scotia works to promote high quality health care and disease prevention in Nova Scotia by educating the public on the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle.

The association plays a role in keeping Nova Scotians informed on important health-care issues while also providing input on health-care policies and legislation such as the smoke-free legislation, banning cell phones while driving, and banning the use of indoor tanning beds for those under 19.

Key priorities for the association include physical activity, healthy eating, smoking cessation, and annual influenza immunization. The association’s commitment to achieving a healthier province is the driving force behind its health promotion initiatives and partnerships with various health-care stakeholders.

Nova Scotia's doctors created the Healthy Tomorrow Foundation to expand on this work and maximize its impact. The Healthy Tomorrow Foundation is committed to  fostering a culture of movement – making physical activity achievable and accessible to Nova Scotians, and enabling individuals to make the first move towards change.

If you want to see a healthier and happier future for our province, consider donating to the Healthy Tomorrow Foundation today.

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